Escape Rooms are the Perfect Fun and Interesting Activity for Teambuilding

Escape rooms make people work together.  The extensive theming draws people in, then the challenges vary enough so there is something to appeal to everyone’s way of thinking.  This means everyone shares in the victory of completing individual puzzles and the overall game.  Nothing bonds a team like winning together.

Get Competitive

Well, almost nothing.  For some people, beating other teams is the ultimate bonding experience.  Options for competitive groups include playing all seven of our normal escape rooms at the same time then we use room statistics to decide which team was the winner. Alternatively, teams who want to get really serious can play more than one room in a day and then swap with each other for a direct comparison of who did the best in a particular room.

Individual Worlds

Highly competitive or not, our escape rooms are designed to be a little shared adventure that get teams working together and combining their skills.  With intricately designed sets and theatrical introductions, these rooms immerse players into their worlds where they will need to search for clues and solve the various challenges.

Feel Good Factor

The feeling of achievement players get from completing an escape room together doesn’t go away in a hurry.  It can boost confidence and create a real feel good factor within your teams.  They’re a great choice for the start of a staff night out or teambuilding day to get everyone talking, feeling good and working together.

Why Stop at One Game?

Keep that feel good factor going with a half day package. This includes two escape room games per person and some very tasty pastries and snacks to enjoy before the games and between them. Get our whole premises to yourselves with as much tea and coffee as you care to drink.

This option is available for teams of 12 people or more and costs £49 per person plus VAT.

Can We Help You with Your Promotion Dilemmas?

Because team work is everything in escape rooms, they’re a great way to reveal which members of your team work well together and which may have leadership potential that hasn’t had a chance to show itself in other ways. Our in-house psychologist can observe your team playing our games and produce a report for you on how your team perform in terms of teamwork and leadership skills. Please enquire for the price and availability of this service.

Call 01273 220388 or email for more information.

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