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What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an action-packed puzzle-solving adventure.  Race against the clock together with friends, family or colleagues to take on all the challenges in these immersive worlds.  In short, escape rooms are a real life game filled with fun puzzles in a themed setting.  Think a compressed Crystal Maze but crossed with a treasure hunt as you need to find puzzles as much as solve them.

Something for Everyone

One reason people love escape rooms is because the variety of puzzles means there’s something for everyone to get involved with and feel really good about solving.  Whether you are good with numbers, words, shapes, colours, recognising patterns, finding things or putting things together, there is something in an escape room that you’ll be great at so you can get that awesome ‘I did it’ feeling.

Escape the Real World

Our escape rooms are individual immersive worlds.  You’ll be introduced into these worlds by a character from that world who will set the scene for you and let you know how you can ask for help if you need it.  Each room is themed so the setting, puzzles and host all fit the theme.  Every detail of these rooms are crafted to give you an experience that’s totally removed from the normal world.

Special Events

What an exciting and interesting way to celebrate your birthday!  Bring your family and friends to our escape rooms to do something really different together.  It’s a great start to hen/stag parties too and gets everyone in a good mood to get stuck into their celebrations.  Escape rooms are ideal for work events too.  Because everyone has to work together, they’re ideal for team building and a great fun booze-free alternative for staff parties. 

Groups of children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 18 will need to have an accompanied adult in the building or easily contactable nearby or to provide emergency contact and medical condition details for safeguarding purposes.


“The team are all friendly, professional and seem genuinely invested in everyone having a good time. The rooms are clever and don’t rely on the usual padlock after padlock routine.The attention to detail is superb. You must go!”

“Whether you’re an escape room newbie or looking for a new venue to tackle, Pier Pressure is a must. The imagination in the games and clues is amazing and the passion of the staff is something we haven’t found at other rooms. We cannot rate Pier Pressure highly enough.”