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Pavilion Perplex


Brighton’s stunning palace the Royal Pavilion is due to be demolished and the council is doing everything they can to save it. They’ve called on you to put together your best team, get inside the palace & get the vital information needed!

Can you find the clues and solve the puzzles to save the Pavilion?!

Difficulty level: 8 / 10

Group size: 2 – 6



Brighton is a popular destination for both Mods and Rockers, who enjoy coming down from London to party, and often clash with each other. After a particularly heavy weekend, a Mod is dead under mysterious circumstances.

You and your team are a gang of Mods, looking to find out what has happened to your friend and uncover the truth.

Difficulty level: 10 / 10

Group size: 4 – 9

Raver Quest

Something strange is going on at one of Brighton’s top nightclubs as ravers have been disappearing during nights out.

Your team decide to investigate what is really going on and before long you realise that this is much more serious than you first thought!

Can your team save the day before you go missing yourselves?

Difficulty level: 7/10

Group size: 2 – 6

Loot the Lanes

Few people know about the Brighthelm Diamond, a jewel of epic value. It was purchased by four of Brighton’s most influential developers and has been hidden, for if ever the city was in dire need.

But now, Brighton is in danger of losing it, as its whereabouts have been revealed to the worst kind of people. It is only a matter of time before it is stolen and auctioned off. You must break into the jeweller where it is hidden and save the treasure for the sake of the city.

Can you and your team pull off this heroic heist to save a part of Brighton heritage?

Difficulty level: 9 / 10

Group size: 4 – 9


A missile is on its way to Brighton and you’ve only got 60 minutes before it lands.

Luckily you have the keys to your Grandad’s old Cold War bunker, but it is not in good shape. You’ll have to use your hour wisely to fix up the bunker and bring it back online in order to survive!

In this game, communication is king because your team will be split at the start, with half taking a different side each and only a small opening to communicate and pass items between the two halves.

Designed by Pressure Point Escape Rooms and run at their venue in Ashford previously.

Difficulty level: 9/10

Group size: 2 – 6

Can you save the day??? No pressure!