Have a Christmas Escape Room Adventure

Get the party started with an escape room game. What a great way to break the ice and get everyone working together to set you up for a great Christmas celebration. Around Christmas time, we have seven different escape rooms so can take groups of up to 48 people all playing at the same time across the different rooms.

Themes include a 90s rave nightclub, a 1960s mods and rockers based murder mystery, a diamond heist in the Lanes and the crazy Christmas themed The Great Elfscape. Challenges in the rooms are so varied there is something everyone will be good at.

The Ultimate Christmas Experience at Preston Manor

Could there be anything better to get everyone in the Christmas spirit than experiencing the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, in a genuine Edwardian manor house? Bring your team along to ‘discover the true meaning of Christmas’ as they take part in A Christmas Carol as an interactive experience with escape room puzzles and immersive theatre.

Groups of between 25 and 48 people can enjoy a sumptuous drinks and canapes reception in the grand reception hall of Preston Manor then groups of 8 at a time can set off around the manor to play the A Christmas Carol based game.

Meet the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Christmases Yet to Come as you move from room to room solving the challenges and enjoying the gorgeous Victorian style Christmas decorations.

All of these Christmas experiences can be tailored and mixed and matched to suit your requirements.

If you are interested in adding an escape room game to your Christmas party or hiring Preston Manor and the A Christmas Carol experience, please get in touch with Shafi at Shafi@pierpressure.co.uk