Puzzle Pals

Through years of watching children excel in our escape rooms and thoroughly enjoy the challenge, we loved the idea of bringing escape room style puzzles into schools. As the owners of Pier Pressure are parents of young children themselves, they thought an after-school club would be a great way of introducing youngsters to the exciting world of escape rooms.

Using our years of experience creating escape room puzzles, we have now designed an after-school club for years 3 to 6 which we can either run for you or give you the resources to run yourselves.  Kids get to try their hands at escape room style puzzles, code breaking and even puzzle design meaning this isn’t just a fun after-school club, it also helps develop their problem solving, logic and interpersonal skills while boosting their confidence and sparking their creativity.

Each week we deliver fresh classes with original content designed by our award winning game designers. This includes paper based escape room games, learning about different types of puzzles, exploring codes and cyphers, playing related games and coming up with ideas for their own puzzles and games.

Whether you would like to run this club yourselves or have us come in and run it for you, we have options to suit you.

We Host For You

To completely take the running of the after-school club off your hands, we can run it for you.  We would send one of our fully DBS checked team members into your school with all the club materials and run the club for up to 16 students.  Parents can either pay us and we would then pay a commission to the school or parents could pay the school and we would invoice for our share.

The cost for this is £9 per child per week including VAT with a 20% commission going to the school.  We can run more than one session a week of this club but it would be the same material for different groups of students rather than more than one session for the same kids.

You Host

If you would rather run this club yourself, we can provide everything you need to allow you to do that.  Most of our materials are available in digital form for you to print off but any other props required would be delivered to you ready for the sessions.  All you need is a member of staff who would enjoy running these sessions and we’ll do the rest.  This option costs £35 plus VAT per session.

Feedback from students and teachers has been incredibly positve with the students loving the creative aspect of designing their own content and finding the puzzles challenging but also exciting and fun.  To find out more about Puzzle Pals after-school club or to add it to your school’s after-school offerings, please email Phil@pierpressure.co.uk.