If you have big dreams but no idea how to make them a reality or would just like to give your current escape room a little something extra but aren’t sure how, we can help. Our team have the skills and experience to come up with all the creative ideas you need and make them happen.

Previous work with other escape room businesses has included everything from designing and building single props, giving existing rooms or experiences a bit more pizzazz, through to designing multiple escape rooms and advising on how to go about building them.

Our process works by spending time to establish exactly what you would like. Even if you’re beginning with only a very vague idea, we can help you develop those ideas and talk through what is feasible within your space, time frame and budget. Lots of clients are surprised by just how ambitions those plans can be so we love working with people who dare to dream.

Once we’ve established what you’re looking for, we gather our creative team to explore ideas and possibilities and our build team to work out the finer details of how we will make everything work. We can then come back to you with detailed plans for you to approve. If you want to do the install or build work yourself, we can give you specifications on how to do that in the most efficient way but we can also carry out the work ourselves if you prefer.

If you have an idea you would like to discuss with us or would like some ideas for props, escape rooms, interactive experiences, etc. please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.

Either email or call 01273 220388.