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  • What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a timed treasure hunt with one ultimate aim: Can you complete the challenge in 60 minutes?

In these 60 minutes, you have to solve a series of connected puzzles that build upon each other and will eventually lead you to your goal.

These puzzles can require all sorts of skills that you probably didn’t even know you had, such as logical thinking, searching for clues, navigating, quick reactions, word association, colour identification, or quite simply counting the number of ladybirds on a teapot.

Every solved puzzle brings you closer to completing your adventure, and every member of the team can contribute to all puzzles.

Escape rooms are a whirlwind medley of excitement, tension and thrill that challenge your grey matter, dexterity and flexibility. You and your team are all in it together and as one, you will either emerge victorious, or fall at the last hurdle in the race against the clock.

The one thing you won’t need in any of our escape rooms is any prior or general knowledge. Everything you need to complete the quest can be found in the room.

Those of you familiar with the hit TV show Crystal Maze may find it useful to imagine Escape Rooms like the kind of puzzles, games and challenges found in Crystal Maze. The key difference is that you complete all puzzles as a team. This means everyone can chip in where they feel they can, but no one is left behind. To summarise, Escape Rooms can broadly be defined as mental obstacle courses – conquer one mental challenge after another and help each other over the finish line!

“…I love escape rooms, and this is far and away the best room I’ve experienced to date…”

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