Prop Building

Our workshop team have a diverse range of skills and have created all sorts of items over the years ranging from a prop Christmas dinner with a rising turkey to a full game’s worth of self-resetting puzzles, a realistic red telephone box, and a very large puzzle box for a YouTube star to solve on his channel.

We have a fully equipped prop building workshop that can build any prop for exhibition stalls, shop windows, escape rooms, TV, film, theatre or any interesting bits and pieces you need. To read more about what we can offer individual industries, see our full design and build website here –

As we began our prop building for escape rooms, we are particular experts with props that ‘do’ something, e.g. interactive or responsive with sensors or inputs that can lead to lights changing, hidden compartments being revealed or all sorts of exciting things happening.

Techniques covered:

Carpentry / Electronics / Metalwork / Painting / Sculpting / Moulding / 3D Printing / Microprocessors / Laser Engraving / Fibreglass

Talk to us about any of your prop requirements whether you need something very specific created or need some ideas for props to add to your project.  We can work with you to overcome problems or create bespoke items designed to fit your theming perfectly.

Drop us an email to or call 01273 220388.