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Phil Harris

Managing Director

Phil’s 12 years of experience in corporate event management, live entertainment and set design, combined with a lifelong passion for board games and mental puzzles led to a very natural and obvious step to want to design and launch his own escape room venue.

Dr Philly Harris

Creative Director

Philly is our resident clever clogs with a PhD in Positive Social Psychology and an incredible talent for artwork and puzzle design. Philly has created all of our unique corporate assessment frameworks and is head puzzle designer.

Rory Taylor

Venue Manager

Rory is another board game nut and lover of all things games, puzzles, costumes and live action. As well as being our venue manager he is also our in-house graphic designer – creating all artwork for both in-game use and marketing purposes.

Ayla Poynder


Ayla is an amazing personality and is a smiling beacon of assistance to all teams that need her! She is also known as Maggie the maid, Twiggy the mod and DJ TS2.

James Shafi


Shafi is our longest serving games host and has run more games than anybody else in the team so you know you’re in safe hands. Also known as Cedric the butler, Larry the mod, DJ Dilemma or Monty.

Mike Ryan


Mike is our original Raver Quest DJ and is much more comfortable in his ‘DJ Clueless’ persona than as himself. He can occasionally be found in the other rooms, but you’ll usually find him raving. He goes by DJ Clueless, Archibald the butler and Rodge the mod

“…The level of quality and attention to detail in the room’s design reflected the passion of the owners for both their city and escape games…”

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