Prop Building

All the props in our escape rooms are built in-house or made to order.  Our team and contractors have created all sorts of items ranging from a prop Christmas dinner with a rising turkey to a moving picture wall, a Victorian style ball game based on Angry Birds, and a red telephone box.

We are very aware of the demands placed on escape room props so ensure all the props we make or have made are up to the challenge.  With all the experience we have in creating props for our own escape rooms, we now feel confident that we can create props for other escape rooms that will be as functional and robust as possible.

Talk to us about any of your prop requirements whether you need something very specific created or need some ideas for props to add to your escape rooms.  We can work with you to overcome problems or create bespoke puzzles designed to fit your theming perfectly.

Whether you need a single prop or a whole escape room’s worth of props, please feel free to talk to us about your requirements.

Drop us an email to or call 01273 220388.