Escape Room Business Consultancy

As well as designing the three times winner of best escape room in the UK and running one of the top 5 most successful escape room venues in the country, we also find time to help other escape room and immersive game companies with their experiences and business. We can offer everything, from help designing a single puzzle all the way through to full game designs, business consulting, marketing assistance or even franchises.

Our extensive experience designing and running escape rooms has given us lots of skills and knowledge that we’d be very glad to share.  Whether it is helping businesses to put an escape room into an awkward space or putting together a marketing campaign to promote your business. We have a team who can support you in a whole variety of areas.

Click on the headings below to find out more about what we can offer your business.

Game Design – For people who would love to create their own escape room or businesses who would like to add a new room but don’t have the time to design it themselves, we can design a room for you.  If you don’t need a whole room but just need a few new puzzles, or even just one puzzle, we can design those for you too.

Prop Building – If you have great ideas for puzzles and props but don’t have the means to make them a reality, we can help with that too.  Our build team have created all kinds of interesting and weird escape room props over the years.  Get in touch with us if you have something you’d like them to make for you.

Franchise Opportunities – Be a part of the Pier Pressure family.  If you would love to open your very own escape room business in your town or city and gets loads of help and support doing it, one of our franchises might suit you.

“As a new franchisee of Pier Pressure, we’ve worked closely with the company over the past half-year to build our business and run our first event, and it’s impossible to overstate how helpful and supportive they’ve been. Throughout the process they’ve been very hands-on, assisting us with everything from financial projections to marketing to puzzle build and design, and all the staff are an absolute pleasure to work with.” Ben – Pier Pressure Welwyn Garden City

To speak to us about any of our business services, get in touch on 01273 220388 or email