COVID Safety Information

We at Pier Pressure take safety very seriously and are pleased that we can reopen and operate in a covid safe manner.

The key changes we’ve made are as follows:

  • We’ve reduced our capacity and put in bigger gaps between games. This means there will never be more than one team in reception at once and we can manage our venue so that teams don’t bump into each other.
  • For the time being you will not be given the backstory of your game live by one of our actors inside the room. The intro speeches will be pre-recorded and played over a video screen before your game.
  • All of our rooms, props and puzzles have been sprayed with Zoono which covid cannot survive on, so it is safe to touch everything in the room.
  • Fresh air ventilation and HEPA filter air purifiers will be running all day every day to refresh the air in the rooms between every game.
  • We can not allow more than six people in any one team and for the duration we are in ‘Tier 2’, teams must be from the same household.
  • Hand washing or hand sanitiser use will be compulsory before and after your game. Plus we will have hand sanitiser stations inside every game room that we recommend using during play.
  • Masks must be worn to arrive and when moving around our venue.
  • We carry out temperature checks on staff when they come in.
  • We have minimised the number of objects shared between staff and players.

Additionally, we’ve relaxed our cancellation rules so if you or any member of your team is displaying any covid symptoms you MUST not come in. But we will reschedule your game for no fee so that you don’t lose out. Even with very short notice.

This does, however, work both ways and if any of our staff are experiencing any covid symptoms then they too will be instructed not to come in. We will always do what we can to find cover but in the unlikely event that we cannot we may have no choice but to postpone your game at short notice.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Pier Pressure very soon.